Photo of Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Future

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Future

United Arab Emirates


The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was established in 2006. It carries its functions through the General Secretariat of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s office, providing support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, the Ministerial Council for Services, and all the established committees and ministerial councils. The Ministry studies the issues assigned to it by the Prime Minister or the Cabinet and monitors government performance, efficacy, and related follow up tasks. Through its various departments, the General Secretariat played a key role in fostering institutional work principles, sharing expertise, and building capacities. The “Government Communication Office” was one of these initiatives aimed to build an integrated system of internal and external communication of the federal government, supporting its general strategy and the flow of information. Vision: to provide full support for the cabinet in accordance with best quality benchmarks Mission: to lead the Excellence efforts at the Federal Government